I consider myself fortunate to have found my true calling through my photography work. Born and raised in southern France, I moved to the UK in my late teens, and it's from here that I really began to immerse myself in the art of the aesthetic – constantly experimenting and refining my skills. After 20 years living and working in and around London, I took the opportunity to move my young family to Ibiza thanks to a desire to embrace outdoor, Mediterranean living. London will, however, always feel like a home from home for me, and much of my professional life continues to revolve around that most effervescent city. My work has taken me across the globe,  meeting countless remarkable characters and sharing invaluable life experiences along the way. 



I love and value the spontaneity of photographic work, and in many ways, I consider this aspect a key to achieving striking and uncompromising results. Every person I photograph has a unique story to tell, and I aim to provide all of my subjects a comfortable space in which their true essence is allowed to shine through. It gives me enormous personal satisfaction to capture a sincerity of emotion of my subjects, and this is something I consistently aim to achieve – both by patiently listening to and absorbing the individual needs of my clients and also by creating a relaxed, natural environment during the shoot. Whether working alone or with a crew, I take pride in maintaining the highest level of professionalism without forsaking a sense of fun while working, and I believe this helps to ensure subjects feel completely at ease – and also leads to the most authentic results.

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Also Ran Music, British Airways, Cranes, Clarks, Cool Fouta, FreeNow, Front up, H&H, Idioma, Made, Nice Images, Ofyr, John Lewis, Tesco,  Rollerblade, Supremebeing, Takeda, Oilatum, Heatons, Waes, Hug Vn.

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By Association Only , Cedar Com, Curious, Interbrand, Odd London, Saatchi & Saatchi, Prodigious. Iris Worlwide.



Adrien Crasnault
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